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Melting Clocks is a band born in Genoa in 2001, from the idea of some students who attended the same university. Initially, the band offers a repertoire of covers by famous and not famous artists. Over the years and many changes in the lineup, the band finds its stability and starts to think about composing original songs. In 2017 to be announced the participation at the ProgFest of Genoa, a festival that takes place every year where famous bands perform in. The release of their debut album “Destinazioni” is scheduled for October 31, 2019, in the 2xLP and CD formats. The sound of Melting Clock is a classic example of Progressive mixed with different contaminations from symphonic to the more aggressive Prog with excellent variations of time and little more acoustic moments. The texts written in Italian are researched well structured, the voice is very accurate and is up to the excellent musicians. The album will be published on Black Widow Records, an important Genoese label active for years in the production of Progressive artists and in the organization of festivals and events. Waiting for the release of the album it can only be said that there are all the prerequisites why the band and the album get the deserved success.
Caleidoscopio 8:23
Banalmente 5:16
Vetro 7:10
Strade Affollate 4:57
L’Occhio dello Sciacallo 2:51
Antares 7:39
Sono Luce 6:40
Quello che Rimane 3:21
Destinazioni 14:59
Bonus track (Lp only):                                                          Alla Corte del Re Cremisi 16:06
Line up:
Emanuela Vedana: Voice                                                      Simone Caffè: Guitar                                                            Stefano Amadei: Guitar                                                      Sandro Amadei: Keyboards, Voice                                Alessandro Bosca: Bass                                                Francesco Fiorito: Drum

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/meltingclockband/

Black Widow Records: https://www.facebook.com/BlackWidowRecordsItaly/

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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