[Hidden Rarities #13] Sustain

Sustain is a little known Dutch Progressive Rock band, whose story begins in the mid-1970s and continues until its dissolution in 1982. The group formed…

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[Review] Knight Area – D-Day

Knight Area is a Neo Prog band from Hollaand, founded by Garben Klazinga in 2004. Their seventh album ‘D-Day‘ was released on September 20, 2019…

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[Review] One Now Ago – No One’s Listening

Project born by a Steve Carlisle’s idea, multi-instrumentalist active for several years in the Philadelphia area. The group is composed by experienced musicians with the…

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[Review] Eiemel – Eiemel

Eiemel is the project created by Ariel Martin Loza, ex-bass player of the Argentine band Laquesis, in which he played for 25 years, until 2017….

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[Around Prog #3] Renaissance

The English band was founded in 1969 by the dissolution of the Yardbirds, when Keith Relf and Jim Mccarthy formed the Together, an acoustic group…

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