[Review] Apairys – Vers la lumiere

The Neo Prog band Apirys was born in France in 2014, starting to write music for passion. With the passage of time they begin to…

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[Review] Izz – Don’t Panic

The American Prog band led by the Galgano brothers Izz, formed in 1996 in New York, has released 9 albums. “Don’t Panic” released on May…

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[Review] Hawkwind – All aboard the skylark

Hawkwind certainly needs no introduction, from the top of its 32 studio albums, during its 50-year career. One detail must be specified, Dave Brock led the…

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[Review] Svartby – Big Boss

Svartby is a Russian Folk Metal band, formed on 2004 in St. Petersburg, they have released 4 EP, 2 singles and 5 Full-length. “Big Boss”…

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[Review] Evership – II

Evership, the project of the multi-instrumentalist Shane Atkinson, after the good debut album, publishes October 19, 2018 “II” via Atkinson Productions. Containing 5 tracks, available…

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[Review] Evership – Evership

Evership is a musical  project by the composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Shane Atkinson. The project took shape in 2013, but some tracks subsequently produced were written in previous…

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[Review] Banda Belzoni – Banda Belzoni

Banda Belzoni is a musical project born from the idea of Gigi Venegoni and Sandro Bellu, which involves various musicians from the Italian Prog scene….

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[Review] Mortticia – Ocean Of change

The Brazilian Prog/Heavy Metal band Mortticia, formed in 2010 in Porto Alegre, have published the first official self-released single “Ocean Of Change” on December 6,…

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[Review] AlphaJorge – Storm Ahead

AlphaJorge is a Brazilian Ecletic Prog band, born in 2015. They have released an EP “Island House” in 2017 with Blues-Rock influences and next year…

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[Review] Frank Wyatt & Friends – Zeitgeist

Frank Wyatt is the founder of the band Happy The Man, playing various instruments including keyboards, sax and flute. Unfortunately 5 years ago he is…

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