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Steve Katsikas is an American singer, a member of the Prog band Arcane Atlas. After a long work, on December 3, 2019 he released the album “Hidden Village” in which many artists take part. 11 medium-length tracks composed by Katsikas, except for 2 covers, available on CD and Digital. The opener “America” begin with a soft guitar and vocal with a dreamy piano to support. With the entrance of the instruments the intensity increases with good inserts of electric guitar and good winds in the end. “Life is a movie” has a more elaborate rhythm and melodies with an expressive vocal. The tones remain soft throughout the piece, gloomy with intricate bass lines and more melodic openings. “Solitary” begins with a tribal drum rhythm, a deep bass and dark melodies, with effect guitars that increase dark tones. Rhythmic moments alternate with other calm ones, the vocal is bleak, and the violin that is inserted is pleasant. With a solo intertwined between guitar and violate and sax riff the song closes, complex and dark, a beautiful track. “Authors and architects” is the shortest of the album, an acoustic and dreamy passage with voice, piano and violin. “Across the universe” is the cover of the Beatles song, performed with precision. “Sleep for longer days” is characterized by an intro with violin and atmospheric keyboards, then the song evolves with rhythmic and dark melodies. The vocal is sometimes choral and the rhythmic session in certain changes is pleasantly intricate. “Fall” is a more harmonious Jazzy song, the bass is load-bearing with good piano melodies, sometimes recalling “Take 5.” The solo in the instrumental section is good, the musicians’ technique is highlighted, like the vocal one. “Shoulders” has simpler and more linear features, with a Folk style guitar and a more Pop atmosphere. A lighter piece that is however structured and performed with quality. “My song goes on” returns to more elaborate terrains with melancholic tones, slower and with a more pop refrain. “Gunner’s dream” composed by Waters, is the cover of the song by Pink Floyd, well executed. He closes “The clock restarts” with a more linear rhythm and melodies and a lighter vocal, although the structure is elaborate. In the central part a more intricate detachment to than return to the main theme and close. An album with different styles that mix and offer a discreet proof. Sometimes more elaborate in others lighter, always maintaining good executive precision. However, a pleasant listening, the presence of experienced musicians is an added value.


01. America (5:13)
02. Life Is A Movie (5:25)
03. Solitary (7:43)
04. Authors And Architects (2:36)
05. Across The Universe (4:06)
06. Sleep Is For Longer Days (6:28)
07. Fall (3:45)
08. Shoulders (5:02)
09. My Song Goes On (6:06)
10. Gunner’s Dream (5:04)
11. The Clock Restarts (4:19)


Steve Katsikas (Little Atlas, Greyfeather) / Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar (2, 5, 8, 11), Saxophone (3), Guitar (6, 10), Percussion (9), Piano (11)
Roy Strattman (Little Atlas) / Guitars (1, 3, 5, 6, 10)
Ricardo Bigai (Little Atlas) / Bass (3, 5, 6, 10)
Mark Whobrey (Little Atlas) / Drums (3, 6, 8), Lead Guitar (10)
Diego Pocovi  (Little Atlas) / Drums (5, 10)
Allen Needham / Electric Guitars (8)
Karsten Nelson / Bass & Guitars (2, 9)
Justin Shaw / Drums (2, 9)
Myra Kean / Violin (10)
Travis Carlisle / Cello (10)
Jeff Hodges (Man On Fire) / Keyboards & Drums (11)
Allie Summers / Violin (3, 4), Cello (4)
Luis Nasser (Sonus Umbra, Kurgan’s Bane, Might Could) / Bass (1)
Eric Sands (Man On Fire) / Guitar and Bass (11)
Gary Swiontek  / Bass (7)
Dan Katsikas / Drums (7)
Kirk Whitehouse  / Bass (8)
John Lieto / Trombone (1)
Jeff Gard / Drums (1)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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