[Review] Lost World Band – Spheres aligned

Lost World Band is a Progressive group formed in Moscow in Russia in 1990 by three classical musicians. They released 6 studio albums, the latest of which “Spheres aligned” was released on April 8, 2019 via Samum Publishing. The band has undergone lineup changes over the years, today a quintet offering a half-sung and half-instrumental album. “Aligned” is a fast-paced song, with the violin guiding the sound, with remarkable flute inserts. Pulled and imposing is an introduction that catapults us into the progressive world of the band. “Rockfall” begins with impressive synth melodies and a cutting guitar, here too the rhythms are frenetic. Keyboards and guitar intertwine and duet to the loss, taking the scene in hand, another good Prog song. “Dawn day dusk night” begins with calmer and more dreamy tones with piano, violin and guitar and a harmonious layered vocal. As the track scrolls, the intensity increases and it becomes heavier and more elaborate with hard guitar riffs and violin and keyboard inserts. In “Running in the sun” the rhythm returns fast, with a good vocal part, the music is very well-structured with violin and guitar that intertwine in the solos. “Symphonic” is another instrumental with more complex rhythms where the guitar, flute and synth interchange as soloists. The development of the theme is very elaborate and the tempo changes embellish the song. A soft arpeggio and “Aise” begins, which develops briefly on the piano. “Sail away” begins with a piano and a soft voice, which offers dreamy sounds up to half when the instruments enter. It remains on softer tones with a pleasant flute melody to support the voice, good but not too incisive. “Crystalized” is an instrumental with a pulled and load-bearing bass line, and the leading flute. Folk reminiscences are heard, mixed with the band’s typical Prog and Symphonic sound, a different and pleasant track. In “Lighter than air” voice and flute open the piece with harmonic and pastoral features, the rhythmic session is elaborated with deep bass and precise tempo changes. “Pressured” begins with more power, heavy guitars and synth-pulled solos. It develops on a dark atmosphere, a massive song, with sudden changes, Heavy Prog excellently performed. The album “I am the world” closes the longest track, which begins with atmospheric keyboards and the arpeggiated guitar. Enter the vowel that for the first verses keeps the song on calm tones. Halfway through, a change projects us into an intricate instrumental section with guitar and keyboards that intertwine in the solos. As the song scrolls, the intensity increases with solos drawn in the end. An album that contains Prog songs of excellent workmanship, different sound influences that mix, from classical to Folk. Both in aggressive songs and in soft passages the quality is high, a small note for the voice that could be more incisive, however pleasant. An album that offers high level moments, a recommended listening that offers Progressive hints of that quality.


01. Aligned (3:57)
02. Rockfall (3:44)
03. Dawn Day Dusk Night (3:38)
04. Running in the Sun (3:48)
05. Symphonic (5:05)
06. Aise (1:27)
07. Sail Away (3:44)
08. Crystallized (4:18)
09. Lighter Than Air (3:54)
10. Pressured (4:36)
11. I Am The World (8:46)


Andy Didorenko / Guitars, Violins, Vocals
Vassily Soloviev / Flute, EWI, Vocals
Yuliya Basis / Keyboards, Vocals
Evgeny Kuzentsov / Bass Guitar
Konstantin Shtirlitz / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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