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Cheeto’s Magazine is an eclectic Spanish Neo Prog band, formed in 2004 from an idea by the duo Esteban Navarro and Manel Orella subsequently involving other musicians. On February 15th 2019 they released their third self-produced album “Amazingous,” available in 2xLP, CD and Digital Download. The band’s original sound covers various styles, a combination of Symphonic, eclectic and elaborate Neo Prog. The opener “Chili Guillermo” begin with Prog sounds, with guitars and synths guiding the melodies and an elaborated rhythmic session. Vocal alternates between various styles, from operatic and humorous to a clean singing, offering a good test. A good start that with many tempo changes and instrumental sections shows the quality of the band. “Cheese cheater” always has a cheerful and positive atmosphere and melodies, with a great mixture of styles and sounds. The voices create an alternation between humorous and other more serious moments, giving the sensation of a pleasant chat. Sudden changes of time and style, showing a certain thickness in the instrumental parts a good guitar solo ends the song. “Outflow” begins with the numerous keyboards that create swirling melodic layers, then stabilize the melodic line on piano and synth. Then transforms into a cheerful passage with acoustic guitar first and latin with trumpets then, enticing the listener to dance. In the second part a piano and synthesizers, with a more choral vocal that lead us to close. “Ready to rumble” is a tense, more Rocky, engaging song with a more determined and aggressive vocal. There is no shortage of Prog steps, with energetic synth and guitar riffs, which also draws a good solo. Even changing style and atmosphere, the band shows executive technique, another good mix, this time between Glam Rock, Prog and heavier traits. “Close your eyes” begins with a passionate vocal and atmospheric melodies of keyboards, with the entrance of the instruments it turns into a cheerful and rhythmic song. The trumpets and the easy rhythm give a Latin touch, to then become pompous and more serious, returning to the initial tones but with a greater intensity, given by all the instruments. “Scum” is a song with more intricate rhythms and melodies, with dark tones. The powerful guitar and keyboard riffs accentuate this character, the deep bass with piano inserts and vocal samples create a good interlude. Everything returns heavy, with the synth that takes the scene in hand by intertwining on the guitar, a track with very well-structured Prog Metal flavours. “A.W.K.W.A.R.D.” it is a complex song reminiscent of Pop sounds, but with a very elaborate structure, with funny lyrics. The voices stratify and alternate more powerful and intricate phases, both happy and silly, majestic and aggressive. The album closes with an epic song of over 25 minutes “Big boy” that begins between keyboard and guitar melodies, thus entering a positive vocal like music. At 5 minutes with a change, it transforms with an arpeggio on the piano and atmospheric keyboards, the vocal enters and everything becomes cheerful. This contagious passage instils joy, and then turns around 10 minutes with the entry of the sitar and a darker passage with an oepristic vocal. After a couple of minutes we enter an excellent Progressive section with heavier tones with powerful riffs and a massive rhythmic section. Everything seems to stop remaining only a dreamy piano and a sweet vocal, at the end of which a moment is spoken and the instruments return, increasing the intensity. The track ends with an elaborate and intricate instrumental section. A surprise, a good album where something unexpected and pleasant happens at all times. Originality is one of the main and winning characteristics of this group. Both in the funniest and most cheerful passages and in the more serious ones, it shows a good elaboration at times complex. A recommended listening for lovers of the Neo Prog with eclectic characters, the keyboards are load-bearing and the voice particular and pleasant with solid rhythmic sessions at times intricate and massive guitars.


1. Chili Guillermo (6:40)
2. Cheese Cheater (6:33)
3. Outflow (7:09)
4. Ready to Rumble (5:06)
5. Close Your Eyes (5:16)
6. Scum (4:48)
7. A.W.K.W.A.R.D. (3:54)
8. Big Boy (25:07) :
– I. Overture / Discovering 
– II. Time For Man 
– III. Surrender 
– IV. Breakdown / Dying 
– V. Brand New Life


Esteban Navarro / Vocals, Keyboards
Manel Orella / Guitars
Matias Lizana / Keyboards, Percussion
Alex Marques / Bass
Gerard Sala / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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