[News] SBB release “FOS” and “Sekunda” from Radio Recording Series

The Polish historical Progressive band SBB have released the last two parts of the Radio Recording Series via Gad Records, below the official press release from the label’s website:

FOS” and “Sekunda” are the last two parts of the SBB radio recording series. They present very different faces of the band – “FOS” documents the psychedelic, trio-floating installment of the trio, while “Sekunda” shows a group closer to progressive rock patterns, formally arranged and focused more strongly on Józef Skrek‘s keyboard instruments. We send both titles to those who ordered the entire subscription last year. For all those who are late for subscription, a limited number of copies of both titles is available in our store.

Less than a year ago, we announced a series of four vinyl records with SBB radio recordings, we did not expect it to be an unlucky production series – titles were delayed, licensing and production problems appeared – all in the name of the highest quality, not presenting semi products. However, the whole was closed in the expected time – until September 2019. We apologize to all who have lost patience with these time shifts and thank you for your understanding. We hope that the music will more than compensate for everything. And we will come back to SBB more than once and discover the archives of the band in different ways. It is still vivid and surprising – also ourselves – the story.

The material has been remastered for the vinyl record. On the cover of this (and other CDs series) unique photographic experiments from the archive of Wojciech Zamecznik.



1. Dyskoteka
2. FOS
3. Xeni
4. Penia

Both the Coloured and the Black Vinyl Versions are Sold-out.



1. Motyw szkarłatny
2. Sekunda
3. Podejście
4. Zapadnia
5. Septet elektronowy
7. Wiosenna preria
8. Ogniste koło

Both the Coloured and the Black Vinyl Versions are Sold-out.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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