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Zorbonauts is a new project involving several artists of the Prog scene, from Asia, Deckchair Poets, Spock’s Beard and Jerusalem among the main ones. The first release “Tall Tails” contains material produced by Lynden during his initials spent in Jerusalem. With some adjustments and a modern reinterpretation, it has seen the light, with some lyric alternations. Containing 11 tracks, it was published on October 4, 2019 via Angel Air Records and available on CD and Digital Download. The opoener “Midnight steamer” starts with a hypnotic synth melody, with rock guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session. The vocal is strong, in Hard Rock style, adapting well to the song. In the central section keyboards and guitar draw high-level intertwined solos, so the singing returns, which with the last verses brings us to the end. “She came like a bat from hell” begins with a guitar riff and a Blues Rock-style rhythm, the vocal also adapts well to the development of the theme. A pulled song, with excellent keyboards and guitars that duet, creating an American-inspired track, which in the central part becomes symphonic. So the main theme returns and with the last verses it closes, cheerful and performed exceptionally. “Beyond the grave” is characterized by keyboards and orchestrations, with a more interpreted vowel and calmer rhythms. With a change the track speeds up, turning into a piece of Prog guided by keyboards. The continuous alternation of dizzying accelerated and softer moments increases the quality of the music. For structure and execution it is a high moment of the album. “I see the light” begins with powerful guitar riffs and clear 70s keyboards. With rapid acceleration it becomes more pulled and the guitar offers good inserts and solos. The vowel is firm and firm. The fast and powerful rhythmic session, a more classic piece, performed with class. “Murderer’s lament” begins with a fast rhythm and a darker atmosphere, with the entry of the vowel the musical part becomes softer and more melancholic. Excellent voice, passionate and perfect for the track, in accelerated moments the bass lines are penetrating. It closes with a passionate tone and male and female vocal layers, an intense song with a fine alternation of emotions. “Simple man” begins with a rocky guitar and keyboard riff, more rhythmic in the first part. Then everything changes by elaborating the theme with tempo changes and a good solo at the end. A cutting guitar characterizes the beginning of “Frustration,” a powerful song with a choral vowel. In the instrumental section the guitar takes the stage with the keyboards in this piece only in support, another classic piece performed very well. “Kamikaze Moth” it is a track with sharp guitars and supporting organ, choral vocals and the linear and drawn structure. In the central part a nice guitar solo, with the return of the vowel the song closes.“Hooded eagle” has riffs and rhythm drawn with a hypnotic keyboard in the background, the 70s seem to be revived in organ parts. In the central part the guitar performs a long solo, with an impressive rhythmic session is an excellent piece with retro flavours. In the end there is space for an interweaving of solos that close this excellent song. “When the wolf sits” opens with a deep organ and when the instruments enter an accelerated rhythm starts. The vocal stanzas are positive and enhance the qualities of the singer, the organ is the protagonist both in the melodies and with a solo in the middle phase. Vocal returns and in the end another organ solo closes one of the best songs on the album. The last track “Primitive man” begins with a low bass line and rocky riffs and darker traits, to then become more positive. Time changes and dizzying accelerations and slowdowns, with the insertion of the violin that takes the sound to another level. Both keyboards and guitar have the space to express themselves and create a piece of Progressive pulled and of the highest level. An album that expresses a high technical rate, with first level musicians. Guitar and keyboards dialogue with class, the rhythmic session is solid and dictates the timing well and the high level vocal is well suited to all situations on the disc. From the retrò flavours that in the sound follows the style of the Hard Rock with Progressive veins, with 70s style keyboards. A recommended listening, which offers quality songs with thick musicians who give life to a high level album.


1. Midnight Steamer
2. She came like A Bat From Hell
3. Beyond The Grave
4. I See The Light
5. Murderer’s Lament
6. Simple Man
7. Frustration
8. Kamikaze Moth
9. Hooded Eagle
10. When The Wolf Sits
11. Primitive Man


Geoff Downes (Asia, Yes, Deckchair Poets) / Keyboards
Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train, Spock’s Beard, Deckchair Poets) / Drums & Percussion
Ollie Hannifan (Deckchair Poets) / Guitars
Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard, Pattern-Seeking Animals) / Bass Guitar
Lynden Williams  (Jerusalem, Deckchair Poets) / Vocals
Bob Cooke  (Jerusalem, Deckchair Poets) / Additional Guitar
Rachael Hawnt (Deckchair Poets) / Vocals
Will Wilde / Harmonica
Rachel Hall (Big Big Train, Deckchair Poets) / Violin
Rob Aubrey / Additional Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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