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Banda Belzoni is a musical project born from the idea of Gigi Venegoni and Sandro Bellu, which involves various musicians from the Italian Prog scene. The eponymous album, a Rock Opera in the form of a concept, was published on 5 November 2019 on Ma.Ra.Cash. Records and is available in LP, CD and Digital Download. The theme is inspired by Giovanni Battista Belzoni, an explorer, engineer and pioneer of Italian archeology, one of the leading figures in world Egyptology, who lived in the XVIII and XIX centuries. Containing 10 songs, sung in Italian, the sound is a mix of Rock and Prog, of exquisite workmanship, enhanced by the presence of thick musicians. The “Il Gigante del Nilo” opener begins with guitar and synth melodies, symphonic and with a deep bass and a solid drum. Entirely instrumental, an intro that immediately plunges us into the delicate melodies of the record. “Il sorriso del re” presents a symphonic theme, on a calm rhythm and enters a soft vocal that begins the narration of Belzoni’s story. In the instrumental section in the final, the guitar draws a good solo, and the song is an excellent choral performance, where all the instruments collaborate in the construction of the sound. “La Curva” is one of the longest tracks, after an intro copy and voice, with a time change the intensity increases. Between softer and more aggressive moments, in the first part, the acoustic guitar creates a good solo. In the middle, a hammond is inserted, which creates an excellent support layer and the electrical elaborates another quality solo. In this section, the atmospheres are darker and in the final synth and acoustic alternate with more positive melodies. One of the best tracks on the album with the lead guitar. “In Viaggio” has a more linear rhythm and a structure more in the form of ‘song,’ symphonic and dreamy. A quality test, where the instrumental cues are not lacking, and the narration continue with the archaeological finds of Belzoni. In “La Città Perduta” the intro has a positive acoustic guitar melody, with the input of the instruments a more complex structure is elaborated with full bass lines and repeated keyboard layers. It is an instrumental passage, which embellishes the album, giving more expressive freedom to the instruments, perfectly executed. “La Città Perduta” begins with the sound of the sea, a piano and acoustic guitar and then increases the intensity with the entry of the other instruments. A deep rhythm and bass, and the vocal that tells of an important finding of an ancient submerged city. Despite being a more direct piece, it is well-developed and the technique of the musicians involved manages to make even the most complex things seem simple. “La Sfida Impossibile” has a more Rock rhythm with keyboards melodies, a soft and pleasant song, with the vocal that tells the difficulties that an archaeologist of the time meets. The guitar offers an interesting inspiration, with the return of the vocal. The track closes with the success of Belzoni who finds what he was looking for so much. “Nuova Lena” begins with the stratified acoustic guitar, a deep bass and an elaborate drum rhythm. Excellent keyboards melodies, in the middle it becomes more aggressive with granite riff, it is all precise and well structured with the symphonic part in great evidence, and the narration that continues with positive themes. “L’ultima Avventura” has darker tones and synths, the sound is full and deep. The keyboards guide the melodies, another excellent test, which expresses pathos and a good emotional charge at times dark in others, more positive. The final “Scrivi Con Ogni Carovana” is an instrumental piece that alternates symphonic moments with vertiginous changes in the Heavy style. Time changes are constant, excellent closure, with various sound facets, tight rhythms and everyone expresses his best with more freedom. A good job, which includes exceptional musicians and the development of the theme is of a good level, with the narrative that deals with an interesting topic and described in an appealing way. An album recommended to lovers of symphonic sounds, a concept in which coral is preferred, although there are not lack of soloist cues and pleasant phrasing between guitar and keyboards. A confirmation for the musicians involved, who in their groups of origin already came to light, respecting the expectations with this good album.


1. Il Gigante del Nilo (3:54)
2. Il sorriso del re (5:26)
3. La Curva (6:25)
4. In Viaggio (4:25)
5. Acqua e Fuoco (4:27)
6. La Città Perduta (4:19)
7. La Sfida Impossibile (3:49)
8. Nuova Lena (6:16)
9. L’ultima Avventura (5:35)
10. Scrivi Con Ogni Carovana (4:49)


Sandro Bellu (The Egonist) / Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Gigi Venegoni (Arti + Mestieri) / Guitar, Keyboards

Mauro Mugiati (A Lifelong Journey) / Vocals (2, 6, 7, 9), Backing Vocals
Sergio Ponti / Drums, Percussion
Paul Mazzolini (Gazebo) / Vocals  (4)
Lino Vairetti (Osanna) / Vocals  (3)
Fabio Zuffanti (Finisterre, Maschera di Cera, Hostsonaten) / Vocals (8)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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