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Frank Wyatt is the founder of the band Happy The Man, playing various instruments including keyboards, sax and flute. Unfortunately 5 years ago he is diagnosed with cancer, so he decides to write an album, which is proposed as the goodbye album. He thus gives life to this project in which musicians with whom he has worked during his 46-year career, members of Pedal Giant Animals, Happy The Man and Oblivion Sun take part. He so publishes “Zeitgeist” on November 1, 2019 via Crafty Hands Music, a concept composed of 10 songs mixed by Robert Richardson. The opener “Zeitgeist” is the title track, starting with a solid rhythm in Neo Prog, well-developed and with level changes. The melodies are focused on keyboards, symphonies and with rapid excursions, while the vocal recalls Peter Gabriel for the setting. With the flow of the track the intensity increases and the song becomes more pompous, Lee sung parts that alternate with the instrumental ones, leaving expressive freedom to all musicians. “Leaving” is characterized by softer rhythms and melodies than the previous one, with a more Jazzy tone. Around the middle everything changes and becomes darker, with a more intricate rhythmic session and excellent synth inserts, an excellent instrumental test. In “Twelve Jumps” we are in a land closer to the Fusion sounds, with the organ and the synth that guide the melodies, giving space to excellent inserts of electric guitar. The rhythms are dizzying and enhance the skills of the artists involved who alternate in whirling high-level solos. Songs like this add value to an album, one of the best moments on the record. “Eleventh Hour” is calmer and symphonic, with the return of the song, a melodic and sweet voice, which fits perfectly on the musical layers. An emotional song in the form of a song, a great dreamy break, a pause between the drawn rhythms of the album. “The Approach” opens with a Sitar and Asian melodies, which soon turn into a powerful song with Jazz Prog colors. The synth as well as performing a great solo, also creates low notes that add power, and the keyboards that are layered, confirm Wyatt’s skill. In this piece the keyboardist is free to express himself on the theme, in the middle a change inserts orchestrations and symphony. Also, noteworthy are the bass lines, penetrating and elaborate, and the drum that duets to perfection. “Fred’s Song” begins with an arpeggio on the piano, the bass is deep and the rhythm is more linear. A sudden change with the entrance of the orchestrations takes us to a section with a nice piano, with the return of the instruments it becomes a choral symphonic piece. Even in a more direct passage, we notice an elaboration and a structure that only expert musicians make so simple and pleasant. So the “Parelandra” suite begins, divided into four parts, the first of which is “To Venus,” with a classical intro with orchestrations and piano. Developed on classical music melodies, besides being an excellent overture, Wyatt’s compositional skills stand out, guiding us to the next movement. “The Green Lady” is a pompous section of the suite, in which the percussive part is also inserted, and the strings guide the sound, a majestic passage. “The Golden Feast” is the third part, always developed on classical music, even here the strings are protagonists and the symphonic component is predominant always on pompous tones. The final “Blessed Be He” closes suites and albums, after a piano intro, the orchestrations of strings and Wind instruments take place. In the central part, everything becomes calmer and then ends with a crescendo, very energetic and powerful ending. An album that offers various ideas and will satisfy different palates. The first part is more Jazzed and with Progressive moments at times Fusion, while the suite is composed of four classical music movements. Both the compositional and executive technique expressed is remarkable, and the musicians involved all offer a high level test. “Zeitgeist” is a recommended listening for lovers of Jazzy sounds, with Progressive traits, in the end the classic suite that will gather the approval of a wider audience. We hope we can still hear a lot of music produced by Frank Wyatt to whom Progressive Rock Journal wishes the best.


01. Zeitgeist (7:55)
02. Leaving (3:52)
03. Twelve Jumps (4:12)
04. Eleventh Hour (3:24)
05. The Approach (8:06)
06. Fred’s Song (5:37)
07. To Venus (Perelandra Mvt. I, Andante) (8:18)
08. The Green Lady (Perelandra Mvt. II, Allegretto con moto) (5:48)
09. The Golden Feast (Perelandra Mvt.III, Allegro) (4:57)
10. Blessed Be He (Perelandra Mvt. IV, Presto) (6:27)


Frank Wyatt / Piano, Keyboards    
Bill Brasso / Drums
Stan Whitaker / Guitar,Vocals  
David Hughes / Bass  
Cliff Fortney / Vocals   
David Rosenthal / Keyboards  
Rick Kennell / Bass   
Chris Mack / Drums   
Peter Princiotto / Sitar  
Mike Beck / Percussion  
Ron Riddle / Drums   
Kit Watkins / Keyboards
Joe Bergamini / Drums   
Andrew Colyer / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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