[Review] AlphaJorge – Storm Ahead

AlphaJorge is a Brazilian Ecletic Prog band, born in 2015. They have released an EP “Island House” in 2017 with Blues-Rock influences and next year single “One More Day”. The new album “Storm Ahead” self-released on November 8, 2019 and containing 7 tracks, the sound has become more progressive, leaving out the Blues aspect. The opener “Raven” begin with positive rhythm section and emotional vocal, solid layers of keyboards and guitar will come. A solid groove and symphonic openings with rocky riffs develop with well-made time changes. The vocal is very expressive, and a special mention goes to the singer who offers an intense and full-bodied test. “Hidden garden” starts with calmer and softer guitar melodies and a vocal that shows all its warmth. After the intro, with a quick change the intensity increases and the guitar and keyboards reproduce in riffs and energetic layers. The track is a succession of changes and solos that intertwine with the Wind that bring the sound to another level, a very convincing test. “Supernova” is a symphonic piece, with a less tense rhythm, a very expressive vocal and darker tones. The guitar draws two beautiful solos one in the first and one in the second part, with the keyboards that create a sound carpet worthy of note. “Broken Wings” is a slow piece, focused on the guitar and instrumental. With the passing of minutes the intensity increases and the solo that accompanies us for most of the song enhances the skills of “Guitarist.” “Halfway The Light” is the longest track on the album and starts with stratified guitar riffs on a mid-tempo. The vocal offers another excellent test, of character, the sound alternates softer lines with more aggressive ones with intense bass lines and a solid drum. In the instrumental section the guitar draws a great solo with melancholic and emotional tones, with time changes between accelerated and perfect slowdowns. “Storm Ahead” begins with a rapid granitic guitar riff in a Heavy style, the vocal enters and the track develops with power and aggressiveness. Still maintaining its strong characteristic, the theme develops on the guitar, and a vocal that once again oozes pathos. The album closes with the short “Halfway The Light (Reprise),” which recalls the homonymous track in a softer way and with only piano and voice. A good closing of the album, where even if the time is short, the voice is still excellent. This Brazilian band has a pleasant discovery, showing technique, compositional and executive maturity. An exit different from the usual Prog to which we have become accustomed in South America, with so much energy, granite riff and solid and impeccable rhythm session. A special mention must be made for the voice, a real strength, although all the artists involved are of a high standard, the vocal stands out with a superb test. An album recommended to lovers of the most eclectic sonorities of Prog, tend to be harder, even though there is no lack of melodic cues. Because of the qualities expressed here, I am convinced that AlphaJorge will make people talk about themselves in a positive way, a great promise.


1. Raven (7:22)
2. Hidden Garden (12:16)
3. Supernova (6:18)
4. Broken Wings (6:46)
5. Halfway To The Light (12:45)
6. Storm Ahead (7:16)
7. Halfway To The Light (Reprise) (1:36)


Arthur Rodrigues / Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (4)
Nick Medeiros / Guitars, Backing Vocals
Thiago Darós / Bass, Backing Vocals, Flute (1)
Diego Rapoport / Drums, Backing Vocals

Márcio Bicaco / Vibraphone (1)
Paulo Zanetti / Saxophone (2)
Júlio Miotto / Backing Vocals (6)
José Corato / Piano (7)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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