[Review] Cabinets Of Curiosity – The Chaos Game

Cabinets Of Curiosity is a young band from New Jersey, USA. He made his debut in 2016 with an EP “Eponymous,” which immediately showed off the eclectic sound of the band. On February 15, 2019 they released their full-length debut “The Chaos Game self released available on CD and digital. Containing 12 tracks mixing and mastering by James Naprawa, while the artwork on the cover is curated by Alissa Blackmire. The album opens with “Death, She Walk On” vocal contracts, a particular song that develops on the vocals, after the “Angular Sterility” opening track that begins with a dizzying intricate rhythm on which Nat Hornyak’s vocal stands out. It’s difficult to   define with a genre, the sounds are constantly changing, between rhythms and styles that intertwine with sudden and sudden changes. The singing is operatic at times, in others more aggressive, eclectic as the whole piece, originality is a positive feature. ” Fractal & Costlines “begins with the sounds of a bottle that is uncorked, poured and mixed. Music starts, with another intricate rhythm and wind-driven melodies, the continuous vocal changes syncopated and frantic rhythms, from one second to another can change everything, and after a sweeter flute moment The central instrumental section alternates Heavy passages with other more symphonic ones. The powerful vocal, decided in the voice of Nat is remarkable, succeeding perfectly to adapt to more styles and situations. Excellent is also the technique of the musicians who for over 12 minutes change styles play on the theme with an unique ease. In the final synth solos, guitar and horns intertwine magically. “Timeless Sound” is more linear and gives more space to the text and to the look of the song, even if very worked, unconventional with darker tones, full of energy, it shows the technique of the band even on a more direct song. “Doomsday Algorithm” begins with piano, horns and dark, dark voices, gains power and is processed with the passage of the song. A passionate test for the voice, well-supported by the music that creates the right atmosphere and then move on to a short 47-second piece with “The Same Tiny Apartment…” ambient noises. After the previous intro begins “In A Day” with a piano and a melodic voice that is drawn above an excellent mountain pasture with a softer point than the previous ones, a track completely different from the others, striking the simplicity with which it deals with the various styles and genres that build the album. “Fractometer” is more impactful, with a Progressive start with melodies and complex rhythms. The internal voice passes more cleanly to other operas, accelerated rapids and jokes alternate, with winds and guitars intertwined in the final only. “Bro Science” is another short passage between environmental noises and a flute, which paves the way for “The Chemist & Engineer.” The organ and a solid Prog structure, change abruptly and alternate with inserts of acoustic with the clap of the hands to mark the time. Danceable, full of energy, the acoustic guitar offers an excellent test with the organ that remembers the ’70s style. “Nowhere Near The Blade” begins with a grim atmosphere, and a powerful voice that soon turns into a funky rhythm. Each song is different from the other and positively surprises the amount of ideas the band has. In the middle a solo and the track becomes more Heavy than give space to the synth and the horns. The finish is powerful with hard guitar riffs and the voice screaming. The album closes with “The Clockwork Pheasant” with a marching rolled style, the melodies are orchestrated, dark and pompous. Theme is developed on hard Riff of guitar, organ and wind instrument. It changes continuously without a moment of pause, with the keyboards that guide the sound and the guitar that offers a good solo, in the end the vocal returns to close the song and the disc. The sophisticated album, which has the originality among its strengths, but which has worked so hard that this could play against it. It contains so many ideas and variations that it takes several plays before fully understanding it. Hardly labelable except with the term eclectic, for many listeners it will also be difficult to understand so much elaboration. Listening is recommended for anyone who wants something new, preparing for a listening that may seem immediately difficult. But, if you get familiarity with their sound, going up on their wavelength, will positively surprise you. I am convinced that after this album we will still hear about them, as much as heard here the potential is so much and there is certainly no lack of ideas.


01. Death, She Walks On (02:14)
02. Angular Sterility (05:58)
03. Fractals & Coastlines (12:17)
04. Timeless Sound (03:43)
05. Doomsday Algorithm (07:05)
06. The Same Tiny Apartment… (00:47)
07. In A Day (03:55)
08. Fractometer (04:32)
09. Bro Science (00:32)
10. The Chemist & The Engineer (04:33)
11. Nowhere Near The Blade (06:37)
12. The Clockwork Pheasant (08:31)


James Naprawa / Lead Guitar
Jared Hirst / Bass, Percussion
Bran Blackmire / Guitar
Justin Jones / Keyboards
Anthony Warga / Saxophone
Kristina Bacich / Flute
Nat Hornyak / Vocals, Piano

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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