[News] Hawkwind on stage a surprise guest: Eric Clapton

The legends of Space Rock Hawkwind, with a 50-year career behind them, continue to amaze. In fact, after the excellent studio album released last November 2019, the band is also receiving live acclaim.

The historic friendship between the two legends of Rock DAVE Brock and Eric Clapton began in the 1960s and continues today. Proof of this is the appearance on stage of the G Live in Guilford, England to play 8 tracks with the Hawkwinds: “The Watcher,” “Silver Machine,” “Assault & Battery,” “The Golden Void,” “Right To Decide,” “Hurry On Sundown,” “Master of the Universe” and “Welcome to the Future.”

The recordings unfortunately are only amateur, but they make the idea of ​​what it was in that of Guilford.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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