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Logos is an Italian Progressive Rock band, coming from the Verona area and active since 1996. Initially, they offer covers of pieces from the 70s such as Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso and Le Orme on all. They reach a certain stability and record their own material, releasing a self-titled album in 1999. The sound was linked to the Symphonic Prog of the early 70s, and later, after some lineup changes, the sound became heavier. Similar to the King Crimson’s style of the modern era, the material composed for the second album “Asrava,” presents a more pronounced and tight rhythm, with more aggressive and dark sounds. Recorded between 2000 and 2001, this album was re-released December 3, 2019. “Asrava,” which in Buddhist doctrine is the four negative influences that prevent man from reaching enlightenment, is a concept composed of seven tracks. The album begins with “Prologo” an introductory track characterized by layers of atmospheric and orchestral synths. A good start guiding us to “Ezra Pound” which bagin with an aggressive Prog rhythm and solid guitar riffs. The synth shows off with a good ’70s style insert, to then return to orchestrations. Tempo changes, symphonic sections and heavier openings, there are all the ingredients that must have a Prog piece. It’s an instrumental track, and alternate more elaborate moments with more linear ones. “99” starts with Heavy guitar riffs with the supporting organ and then, with a nice change, turns into a classic ’70s style piece. The reminiscences of Italian Prog are marked, the vocal and the alternation of symphonic and accelerated moments are well executed. The lyric theme is about an explosion that took away everything and everyone except the protagonist. The only flaw of is the last change, with the nuanced entrance not perfect, however, one of the best track on the album. An arpeggiated guitar intro on a dreamy orchestral carpet and “La Leggerezza Della Libertà” comes to life. Enter a sweet and well-interpreted vocal, an acoustic passage that softens the tones in a pleasant way. The title track “Àsrava” returns to a Heavy ground with a powerful guitar riff, the hammond and the synth layers with solid intricate bass lines. Then turns into a rhythm with Funky traits, showing the technical qualities of the band. The addition of flute and sax inserts that embellish the sound. There is not a predominant instrument but choral is privileged, except for the winds both in the first part and in the final. “Terra Incognita” begins with a long intro with the sound of water and synth, the track takes shape with the electric guitar and the most aggressive keyboards. Enter the vocal, sometimes effected and in other clean, after the first verse, the ambiental noises of the intro are back. With a change where the hammond is brought to light, it starts again with a theme on which the guitar draws a pleasant solo. Close the album “Epilogo,” an acoustic track with orchestrations and guitar, a delicate symphony, with dreamy melodies. The album shows good points, especially in the first part, with “Ezra Pound” and “99,” which best express the ideas of the band. In some traits, it loses a bit of incisiveness, but overall a pleasant job. Recommended for fans of Italian Prog, with references to both the 70s and the Neo Prog.


01. Prologo (5:04)
02. Ezra Pound (7:16)
03. 99 (10:47)
04. La Leggerezza Della Libertà (2:50)
05. Asrava (9:08)
06. Terra Incognita (7:49)
07. Epilogo (3:35)


Fabio Gaspari / Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Classic Guitar, Vocal
Massimo Maoli / Electric Guitar, 12-Strings Guitar, Classic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Alessandro Perbellini / Drums, Vocal
Luca Zerman / Keyboards, Vocal
Simone Chiampan / Effects, Noises, Midi

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