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Metronhomme is an Italian Neo Prog band, formed in 2003. The fourth album of the band “4” was released on vinyl in January 2019 via Lizard Records / G. T. Music Distribution. The album, entirely instrumental, shows a solid Progressive sound with many facets. They include elements of the ’70s Progressive, Jazz Prog, difficult to label in a single genre, offering a rich variety of cues. Composed of 11 medium-length tracks, with two interludes, the album highlights the compositional and performance abilities of the Italian band, making it never banal and well-structured. It opens with “I treni di Gabo”, which begins with an accelerated piano and a Prog rhythm with the Jazzy tones. In the central part a good synthesis of synth and electric guitar intertwine, to then leave space for a symphonic moment with a sweet piano melody. The initial theme returns and the song close, an engaging intro. “L’uomo ombra” is characterized by darker and electric riffs and melodies, with a penetrating bass line. In the first part, the guitar is the protagonist, then a quick change and a nice solo bring the sound to more intricate terrain, with Jazzy traits. Good piano and synth layers and the drum rhythm, elaborate and well-structured. In the final an accelerated and increases the emphasis of the song before closing. “Chiuso x Gatti” is a brief Jazzy track, with double bass and piano that bring the sound to another level. The guitar is inserted with soft electric lines, this short piece shows the excellent technique of the musicians. “Blow up automatic chiodi” has an elaborate intro, with intricate rhythms and melodies. The piano and the guitar guide the sound, in the middle a change of rhythm and the track becomes more accelerated and elaborated. In the end comes an organ that recalls the 70s, one of the best tracks on the album. “Rip Brian Diy” is characterized by another Jazzy structure, with the guitar alternating electric stretches with softer ones. An excellent plan, the main element is the drum that performs an elaborate rhythm, a short but very incisive piece. “Quattro Pesci rossi” start with a soft piano intro, the song comes to life with a softer rhythm. The piano draws a dreamy and symphonic melody on an organ layer with the electric guitar that offers delicate inserts. “Ortega” begins with synth melodies and piano in pure Prog style. The rhythm is decided and accelerated, with the drum offering outstanding cues. At 3/4 the track change and the sound becomes melodic with the organ that takes the scene. Another excellent test by the band, an elaborate track that summarizes the characteristics of their sound. “Salt” shows how the band manages to make even the most complex things seem simple. In the middle of the song a change elaborates the theme and develops its structure on a guitar solo and interchangeable keyboards. In “Hapax” after a dreamy and delicate intro, the track takes shape and from half increases the intensity. The atmosphere in the final becomes more space, recalling the spatial music of the 70s, in its most positive aspect. In “Uccideresti l’uomo grasso?” the melody of the song is drawn on a repeated guitar and arpeggiated piano. A sudden change increases the pathos, to then speed up between a pressing piano and Steve Hackett’s style guitar melodies. In the final part increases the intensity, and the track accelerates with the insertion of the synth with a fast and energetic arpeggio. This piece is also very valid and well arranged and performed. “Acrobazie” is heavier, with a more aggressive guitar riff and psychedelic tones, the piano adds a Jazzy touch. Rhythm changes are frequent and alternate symphonic and other Heavy Prog pauses, with the addition of the organ. An excellent, powerful and well-structured closure. A mature work, with different facets, which offers many quality sound solutions. This is a talented band, both in the composition and execution, with original traits. The keyboards and the guitar alternate in an excellent manner, creating an extraordinary combination. A good mix between the Italian ’70s Prog and the most modern influences, passing through a Jazz Prog, which embellishes its contents. A recommended listening for Prog lovers with Jazzy veins, the many nuances make this album a great job. Another good release for Lizard Records, and a confirmation for Metronhomme, who adds another excellent chapter to their discography.

Back Cover from the LP


01. I Treni di Gabo
02. L’uomo Ombra
03. Chiuso per Gatti
04. Blow Up Automatic Chiodi
05. R.I.P. Brian DIY (Get Rid of the Bishop)
06. Quattro Pesci Rossi
07. Ortega
08. Salt
09. Hapax
10. Uccideresti l’Uomo Grasso?
11. Acrobazie


Mirco Galli / Electric Bass
Tommaso Lambertucci / Piano, Synth
Andrea Lazzaro Ghezzi / Drums
Marco Poloni / Guitars

Paolo Scapellato / Keyboards
Manuele Marani / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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