[Review] Rainburn – Resignify EP

The Indian band Progressive Rainburn was formed in 2011 in Banglore. Since then they have published one Full Lenght and “EP, the last of which” Resignify, released on November 21st 2019 via Unherd Music. It is the continuum of the previous album “Insignify” and contains five tracks, at the end of the story. It contains live cuts and reduced versions of previous songs. The theme of the album was the search for a purpose within and beyond the realms of insecurity and narcissism. “Resignify” assigns new insignificant to these themes, the protagonist has grown by a year and realizes the circular and endless nature of the search to find oneself again. The EP opens with “Alive in black”, which begins with a guitar arpeggio and melodic voices, is a live song and after the intro, the theme is built on powerful guitar riffs. The rhythm is solid and the vocal turns into aggressive, the Prog/Metal influences come out. The refrain is more melodic and choral and in the instrumental part a pleasant guitar solo and a tempo change with an elaborate rhythm. The track decelerates, returns the vowel and closes, a good start, which shows the live qualities of the band. Second track “Elusive Light – Resignified” starts with an acoustic guitar intro, Indian percussion and violin, so the melodic vocal enters a dreamy atmosphere. The track remains acoustic, with the violin performing an outstanding solo and driving the sound, an excellent mix between traditional music and Rock. We can define this track Prog/Folk, but beyond the definitions of musical genres, it is a passionate and high level moment. “Another night” is another live cut, aggressive that starts immediately decided and powerful, with a sharp guitar riff. The tones are darker and the vocal aggressive, the drum rhythms are very elaborate and the bass lines solid and deep. In the end, he intensifies the dark atmosphere, especially in the instrumental section. In “Veil-Rencavased” the whole is dark again with the guitar at the center of the melody, then the song evolves with the input of the instruments. The atmospheres remain dark even in the very expressive vocal, in the middle when a change takes us to the instrumental section, the slap bass stands out. The finale is in crescendo and returns to heavier territories, then decelerates and returns to the initial theme. Water noises and a gentle plane characterize the whole of “Suicide Note”, so a vocal enters. Also, this track is acoustic, symphonic and closer to the Folk/Prog sounds, with the piano and the guitar that draws beautiful dreamy melodies. An EP that contains live cuts and shortened tracks, as well as good quality, completing the speech started with the Full Lenght of 2018 “Insignify”. Shows how the Indian band has talent and ideas, a remarkable mastery of the instruments both in the studio and live. An EP that those who know the previous work will appreciate more, despite being a pleasant listening singly. This band is establishing itself as a great revelation, a breath of fresh air in Prog Rock/Metal, with the addition of traditional music influences.


1. Suicide Note: Alive in Black (7:42)
2. Elusive Light: Resignified (6:32)
3. Someone New: Another Night (5:55)
4. Veil: Recanvased (6:08)
5. Suicide Note: Fading Into White (5:55)


Vats Iyengar / Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ravi Nair / Bass, Vocals
Praveen Kumar / Drums
Paraj Kumar Singh / Guitar, Vocals [Live Member]

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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