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Steve Hackett is a legend of the Prog this is certain, over the course of his long career, besides having written memorable pages in the history of music with Genesis, he has an important solo career. In the century Stephen Richard Hackett, born February 12, 1950 in Pimlico, London, in 1971 he joined Genesis, with whom he played throughout the 70s. In his solo career, he has recorded 26 studio albums, the last of which is At The Edge Of Light published January 25, 2019 for Inside Out Music. It contains 10 tracks and is available in LP, CD and Digital, in the Special edition, it also contains a DVD with the documentary on the album. Start with Fallen Walls And Pedestals, an overture with dark orchestrations, on which Hackett‘s guitar stands out. Beasts In Our Time opens with a symphonic sound that echoes that of the intro, Steve‘s vocal is expressive and passionate. The excellent compositional skills are put on display, after an acoustic moment, both Townsend‘s sax and John Hackett‘s flute come into play. The song changes and increases the power, a great solo on an orchestral rug and the song is growing up to the end. Under The Eye Of The Sun begins with a faster melody and a pressing rhythm, with a penetrating bass line, enters a choral vocal. It’s a compelling track, the keyboards and the guitar hold the situation in the instrumental part, where we also hear a didgeridoo. This break has a mystical touch, a sudden acceleration brings us back to the main theme and after a good solo guitar solo the song closes. Underground Railroad has a more American character, it looks like a trip into the Far West, even the vocal is about style. In the middle of the song it changes, turning to a harder style, with another great break from guitarists and choral voices, with screams similar to Tina Turner, with a good solo the track closes. Those Golden Wings is the longest song on the record, opening with an orchestral intro of classical music and an acoustic guitar arpeggio, so a melodic vocal enters. After a quick bridge, the song takes on the orchestral operatic connotations, which are transformed again, giving space to a long solo modeled to perfection by Hackett. He manages to make everything very simple, thanks to his skills as a master on guitar and this song is one of the highest moments of the whole album. Shadow And Flame with an oriental intro, with the passing of the minutes the song comes to life. The sitar enters the scene, which reinforces the track’s oriental and mysterious atmosphere, a short but interesting piece. Hungry Years is instead a lighter and easy listening passage, a well-made pop-rock, with more interchangeable voices, acoustic guitar and a relaxed rhythm. In the end there is still space for a good guitar solo. Descent starts with the drum rolls ready for battle, supported by a dark orchestration that reinforces the effect. Some electric guitar insert and the song keeps the same air until the end. Conflict is characterized by symphonic orchestrations and the electric guitar that seems to scream, is a short passage of almost 3 minutes. Peace begins with piano and voice, increasing in intensity with the passing of the minutes. In the central part a choral section opens the way for an exciting and passionate guitar solo, supported by melancholic orchestrations. An intense album, well-built from beginning to end, highlighting beyond the musician’s qualities, also the excellent vocal abilities. A symphonic work at times energetic, with different styles and influences composing a variegated and airy sound. Another excellent chapter in this artist’s vast solo discography that never ceases to amaze. At the age of 69, he brings into play the experience of a veteran and the energy of a boy. A recommended listening for all Prog music lovers, many well-developed ideas for a high quality record.


1. Fallen Walls And Pedestals (2:17)
2. Beasts In Our Time (6:20)
3. Under The Eye Of The Sun (7:07)
4. Underground Railroad (6:22)
5. Those Golden Wings (11:19)
6. Shadow And Flame (4:24)
7. Hungry Years (4:34)
8. Descent (4:20)
9. Conflict (2:36)
10. Peace (5:03)


Steve Hackett / Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Oud, Charango, Sitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Co-Producer

Durga / Vocals
Loreley / Vocals
Amanda Lehmann / Vocals (3-5,7,10)
Roger King / Keyboards & Programming, Co-Producer, Mixing & Mastering
Ben Fenner / Keyboards
Sheema / Sitar
Malik Mansurov / Tar
Paul Stillwell / Didgeridoo
Rob Townsend / Sax, Bass Clarinet, Duduk
John Hackett / Flute (2,3,5,9)
Christine Townsend / Violin & Viola (5)
Jonas Reingold / Bass (2,3,7)
Dick Driver / Double Bass (3,5)
Nick D’Virgilio / Drums (5)
Simon Phillips / Drums (7)
Gary O’Toole / Drums (1)
Gulli Briem / Drums & Percussion (3)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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