[Neo Era Prog #8] Galahad

Galahad are formed in Dorest, UK in 1985 and at that time the lineup consisted of Paddy O’Callaghan (Drums) MikeHooker (Keyboards), Paul Watts (Bass), Nick Hodgson (Keyboards), John O’Callaghan (Guitars), Roy Keyworth (Guitars), Stuart Nichoton (Vocals). Their project began out of love for Progressive music, playing for fun, and in the early years proposing covers by famous bands (Genesis, Rush, Focus, etc.) and some original songs. Their live activity, immediately saw them as protagonists as a support group for artists such as IQ, Pendragon, Haze, Pallas and Magnum, who were establishing themselves in that period. After the initial few years spent playing mainly through passion, they decided to take things more seriously, starting to propose only original material. In 1991, they published their first album “Nothing is written,” completely self-financed and released independently, selling thousands of copies. The success was immediate, helped above all by the countless broadcasts on the BBC Radio One’s Rock Show, expanding its reputation soon also in Germany, Japan and throughout the United Kingdom. “In a moment of Complete madness” was released in 1993 containing three live bonus tracks, demonstrating their good concert activity. An excellent proof of this is the year after the release of an acoustic album recorded live in the studio, with some improvised tracks. It considered a parallel project, therefore the band’s name was modified for the occasion in “Galahad Acoustic Quintet,” and the album is titled “Not all there,” recalling in the sound the works of the Strawbs, and returning to the Folk Prog. In 1995, they published “Sleepers,” obtaining a good response from both critics and the public. Despite the success, we will have to wait until 1999 before the band released another studio album, “Following ghost.” In the same year, without changing lineup, he created another parallel project “Galahad the Electric Company,” publishing “De-constructing ghosts.” Another particular work, which consists in the use of vocals, guitars, keyboards and woodwinds from “Following Ghost,” remixed from the originals and used to build Breakbeat/House songs with Ethnic/Eastern influences. Throughout the 90s, the band kept an intense and constant live activity in the UK, Europe and America. In 2002, they published “Year Zero” with the participation of an exceptional guest John Wetton (King Crimson, Family, Asis, etc.) on the voice. In 2006, the band released a DVD “Resonance,” recorded live in Katowice in Poland, in May 2006. The following year a slight change of orientation makes the sound heavier, as evidenced by “Empire never last,” with collaboration of Karl Groom (Threshold) on engineering duties. This seems to have been a good choice, as shown by the “Album of the Year” award at the “Classic Rock Society Awards 2007.” At the same time, as the studio activity, the live activity continues incessantly, also recording two albums “Sleepless in Phoenixville – Rockfest Live 2007” and “Whitchurch 92/93 – Live Archives Vol. 2 ” (CD / DVD). Also a reprint of “Year zero” of 1992, containing a Bonus CD with live versions of tracks on the disc is published. In 2012 “Battle scars,” comes out with a new change in the sound, a heavy Rock mixed with modern passages of Dance / Trance and influences and classical music. At the same time, they also recorded a second album “Beyond the realms of euphoria” released in the same year. The following year Andrew Wild wrote the first biography of the band from 1985 to the end of 2012. Entitled “One for the record – The official biography of Galahad” accompanied by a DVD containing rare live performances, some from the 80s. On the occasion of the band’s third anniversary in 2015, initiatives were organized throughout the year, Special-Edition records. One above all a re-mixed version of “Empire never last” with the addition of an associated disc “Empires: A curious companion,” containing demo tracks. They, therefore, publish “Solidarity Live in Konin,” recorded in 2013 during the “Battle Scars / Euphoria” tour. In 2017, “Quiet Storm” comes out, which is an acoustic work, mainly of keyboards and vocals. To date, the last album released by the band is “Seas of change,” a curiosity, it is composed of three songs, a suite of over 42 minutes, divided into 12 moments plus two Bonus Tracks. TGalahad in their long career had varied their sound several times, mixing different styles and influences, always maintaining a high quality level. They are to be considered, in fact, one of the longest-lived bands of the Neo Prog, having started in 1985 and being still in business today, having never taken breaks or having separated. Attentive to changes and stylistic innovations, they have recently diverted their sound to a more energetic style, always maintaining the Symphonic and Prog component within it. Over the years, I have released 12 studio albums, 6 Live and 1 DVD, plus several compilations and singles, achieving a success that allowed them to be considered one of the cornerstones of the Prog of the New Era.


(1991) Nothing Is Written
(1993) In A Moment Of Complete Madness
(1994) Galahad Acoustic Quintet: Not All There
(1995) Sleepers
(1999) Following Ghosts
(1999) Galahad Electric Company: De-Constructing Ghosts
(2002) Year Zero
(2007) Empires Never Last
(2012) Battle Scars
(2012) Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria
(2017) Quiet Storms
(2018) Seas Of Change

Past Members

Roy Keyworth / Guitar (1985–1998, 1999–2017)
Paddy O’Callaghan / Drums (1985–1987)
John O’Callaghan / Guitar (1985) (deceased)
Mike Hooker / Keyboards (1985–1987)
Nick Hodgson / Keyboards (1985–1987)
Paul Watts / Bass (1985–1989)
Steve Pearson / Drums (1987)
Mike Hewetson / Keyboards (1987–1988)
Mark Andrews / Keyboards (1988–1991)
Pat McCann / Bass (1989)
Tim Ashton / Bass (1989–1992, 2014-2017)
Karl Garrett / Keyboards (1991–1997)
Neil Pepper / Bass (1992–2002, 2009–2011) (deceased)
Craig Wilson / Guitar (1998–1999)
Peter Wall Bridge / Bass (2002–2004)
Mike Keller / Bass (2004–2005)

Current Lineup

Stuart Nicholson / Vocals (Since 1985)
Spencer Luckman / Drums (Since 1987)
Dean Baker / Keyboards (Since 1997)
Lee Abraham / Bass (2005–2009), guitar (Since 2017)
Mark Spencer / Bass & Guitar (2012–2014), bass (Since 2018)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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