[News] The Flower Kings have published a new single

The Flower Kings have published a new single titled ‘Miracles For America‘ from their upcoming album. ‘Waiting For Miracles‘ will be released on 8 Novembre 2019 on InsideOut Music and is comprised of 15 tracks. It was recorded in the summer at RMV Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, the studio owned by ABBA member Benny Andersson.

Roine Stolt:Miracles For America was born out of some of my later demo sessions. When I started to work on the musical idea I felt it had some weird tonal and rhythmical connections to West Side Story or even Annie Get Your Gun – but with prog instrumentations – some of those musicals that had a true American flavour. But at the time I wrote the lyrics we’re already deep into the debate – ‘does  the US have the right leadership? – What is happening there!?’ The guys in charge, the ‘big fish’ were swirling around the golden calf ’til they got dizzy. So as I sit in my studio, I cannot disconnect from the world around – the song has to be connected, wired into this now – in some ways. Furthermore – as I have told before – most of the lyrics on this disc were immediately recorded – made up in the spirit of the moment – like a conversation with another self.”

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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