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Barock Project is an Italian Prog Rock, formed in Modena in 2004. Their sound is close to that of the 70s and has gained acclaim even outside national borders. Their new work “Seven Seas” was released on September 27, 2019 for Aerostella / Immaginifica and contains 11 tracks. The album shows the maturity of the band and the skills of all the musicians. The opener “Seven Seas“, that gives the album its name, begins with a piano intro and a warm voice. With the entry of the instruments, the track grows. It is powerful and rhythmic, and halfway up to the keyboards show off, while the guitar offers aggressive riffs. It closes with a female voice. “I Call Your Name” after a choral intro starts with a guitar and a softer construction than the previous one, it is a track that recalls the style of Yes. It is sung with a excellent structure, it has been selected among others as single. “Ashes” begins with a delicate and dreamy incipit between piano and voice, with the music that rises in a crescendo that leaves room for a good musical moment between guitar and piano. A sudden 3/4 change and the synth and the organ performs dizzying twists on the guitar. In closing, calm returns with the resumption of the initial theme. “Cold Fog” the whole is between piano and a sweet voice, immediately a change and the song comes to life. The keyboards, the piano above all in great sweeping, the vocal is centered with the sound. A detachment of acoustic guitar and the vocal returns soft and intense, a very passionate guitar solo and the closing part accelerate again with a nice change tempo. This track comes out of the pen of Peter Jones of Camel. “A Mirror Tick” is an acoustic ballad that plays between piano, guitar and a voice close to folk style. Even the rhythm is cadenced by the case, a good symphonic and cheerful passage that closes down. “Hamburger” starts with the sound of the sea, a sweet guitar melody and with the passing of minutes the song takes shape. The sounds are taken care of to perfection, and the passages between softer symphonies and more powerful moments is exceptional. It best expresses the memory of a journey with the addition of strings arrangements that complete an already rich sound. “Brain Demage” has an acoustic intro, to then rise, becoming a track with a solid and powerful structure. The drum is very large, and the guitar draws sharp riffs. The keyboards are the non plus ultra for a song that is one of the highest moments of the whole work. “Chemitz Girl” is a nostalgic ballad, between a melancholic piano and acoustic guitar, a warm and expressive vowel stands out. A percussion accompaniment and strings arrangements complete the whole. “I Should Have Learned To” is a song almost sung, rhythmic and more direct, with voices in the background and the claps giving a boost to the rhythm. “Moving On” has a more technical structure where the bass is highlighted, with elaborate and massive lines. The voice changes and becomes higher and more aggressive, notable completed by choral parts, the guitar test is remarkable. The sax on the end enriches an excellent song. “The Ones” is the piece that closes the album, it begins with the piano, and the voice is warm again, more symphonic and harmonious. The addition of Durma McBroon on the voice as a guest embellishes a Floydian track. An excellent test for the Italian band that combines different styles, bringing to mind groups from the past, PFM in particular. The tracks are well-structured and performed, showing a mature, decisive and symphonic sound. This band is having a well-deserved success, both in Italy and abroad, demonstrating at each release that it is one of the best bands on the Italian Prog scene.


1. Seven Seas
2. I Call Your Name
3. Ashes
4. Cold Fog
5. A Mirror Trick
6. Hamburg
7. Brain Damage
8. Chemnitz Girl
9. I Should Have Learned To
10. Moving On
11. The Ones
12. Far Away (Japanese ed. Bonus Track)


Luca Zabbini / Keyboards, Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Strings Arrangements, Bass on “Chemitz Girl”.
Alex Mari / Lead and Backing Vocals
Eric Ombelli / Drums and Percussions, Mandolin, Sample Programming
Marco Mazzuoccolo / Electric Guitars

Durga McBroom on track “The Ones”
Francesco Cinti / Saxophone on track 10

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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