[Review] Materialeyes – In Focus

Materialeyes is an English band from Yorkshire. Last year they released their debut album ‘Strange Road,’ followed by their second ‘In Focus,’ released September 27, 2019. The album highlights more Progressive features than the previous one and contains 8 tracks, all long-lasting . ‘Prelude‘ is an intro with keyboards that create a striking melody that guides us towards ‘The Poet.’ The track starts with some background noises and the acoustic guitar, part of the singing and the song comes to life. The melancholic theme with choral elements, the synth elaborates some melodies, is a unique Symphonic and calm song. At 3/4 changes rhythm with the entry of an electric guitar solo. After the instrumental detachment and the track closes down. ‘Waterfall‘ begins soft with a guitar riff supported by the keyboards, and the singing begins. It is a slow and melodic track, halfway through an acoustic guitar intervention, the vocals are back for the final strophe and the track close. ‘In The City‘ of about 13 minutes, starts with a Synth and acoustic guitar, a melodic vocal starts and the track opens. Everything flows without any particular changes for the entire duration, up to the closing. ‘A Cold Wind‘ is a unique electronic song, with the addition of the vowel and acoustic guitar that proposes some riffs, all supported by keyboards. An atypical base in the Prog, there are no instrumental moments except in the end and some little passage. The closing trace is ‘Fields of Heaven‘, lasting 13:50. After an intro of drums and keyboards, a change of rhythm brings us to a more Prog sound. Variations over time, some instrumental moments and an attempt to get closer to the 70s sound. The best moment on the album is this last track. A record that denotes the passion of musicians for the 70s Prog music, the instrumentation used is typical of that period. A work that lacks incisiveness, the songs never seem to take off, remaining too anchored to central melodies, without ever offering creative ideas. It would take an evolution of the most imaginative and less static instrumental parts. The starting idea is positive, but it should be developed with a more progressive look.


1. Prelude
2. The Poet
3. Waterfall
4. In The City
5. A Cold Wind
6. Fields of Heaven


Dave Westmoreland / Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Will Lawery / Vocals, Guitars
Martyn Howes / Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Billy Longthorne / Drums
“Mad” Bill Mosey / Bass
Dianne Howes / Flute, Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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