[Neo Era Prog #6] Mostly Autumn

Mostly Autumn was formed in England in 1995, the band included some members from One Stoned Snowman, a tribute band to Pink Floyd. Born from an idea of singer and guitarist Bryan Josh, with Heidi Widdop on vocals, Ian Jennings on keyboards, on guitar Liam Davison, Alan Hughes on bass, Bob Faulds on violin, Kev Gibbons on whistles and drummer Chris Walton. The following year Walton and Hughes left the band, replaced by bassist Stuart Carver and Allan Scott on drum. Shortly after there is another change on voice and Heather Findlay takes the Widdop‘s place. The Lineup thus formed settles down and affects their debut ‘For All We Shared‘ in 1998, and other formation changes occur soon. Gibbon and Scott leave and Angela Golsthorpe and Rob McNeil take their place. After this reshuffle in 1999, they recorded the second album ‘The Spirit Of Autumn Past.’ In 2000, they collaborated with Blackmore’s Night on the “Under A Violet Moon” tour, increasing their notoriety. The following year he released the third album ‘The Last Bright Light,’ with Jonathan Blackmore (not linked to the famous guitarist), who took the place of McNeil. The band has a good success, thanks above all to the live activity, in 2004, they are busy with the ‘V Show‘ tour, with the entry of Andrew Jeggings on drum and percussion. In 2005, they received the praise of Rick Wright of Pink Floyd and included Olivia Sparnenn as an additional voice. The highest peak they get in Mexico in March 2006, participating in the Baja Prog Festival. After the concert Chris Johnson is included in the lineup, as principal keyboardist. Other changes take place in 2007, after the leaving of Davison to pursue a solo career and Jennings, who will follow other projects. Only the drummer, was replaced by Henry Bourne in 2008, while Anne-Marie Helder entered on flute, voice and keyboards. In the same year, they published ‘Glass Shadows,’ accompanied by a 100-minute DVD ‘In Making Of Glass Shadows‘ and by an amazing tour. They also try an experiment with a tour with a semi-acoustic version of the band in support of Bad Sheperd. It ends quickly, after many dates have been deleted. In early 2010, Finlay communicates his intentions to leave, to create a solo project. He performed the last concert at the Leamington Spa Assembly on April 2, 2010. From the concert, a DVD and 2 discs called ‘That Night In Leamington‘ are produced, with a 30-minute interview with Josh and Finlay. A few months later the band released the album ‘Go Well Diamoond Heart.’ A curiosity, on 21 June 2013 Bryan Josh and Olivia Sparnenn get married. In 2014 through the official channels, the band announced that Cromarthy would replace Griffiths, and even one of the founders of Devison was replaced by Johnson‘s return. With this training the studio album ‘Dressed In Voices‘ and the live ‘Book Of Le Lacrime‘ will be recorded. In confirmation of the great live qualities, in the same year, they supported Steve Hackett in the ‘Genesis Extended‘ as “Mostly Autumn Acoustic“. With the return in the formation of Angela Gordon, ‘Sight Of Day‘ is recorded. On 5 November 2017, the band announced that the guitarist Liam Davison died. The band’s last album is from 2018, entitled ‘White Raimbow,’ and the band once again demonstrates its expression on high levels. Despite the countless changes in training, a feature of many Prog bands, Mostly Autumn have maintained a high level over time. The style is a successful blend of Symphonic Progressive, Anglo-Saxon Folk and Celtic music. The use of the double male and female voice, the flute and the violin, make different options available. Few bands have maintained a certain quality for such a long period. Their live talent was also the winning weapon that brought the group to success. Another particularity of the band is the never having collaborated with any label, having created an independent one and self-financing the productions. This also resulted in a limited number of copies for each issue and a distribution that took place at concerts, in a few sales points and via the web. A band to listen to and listen to, the mix of different genres has succeeded to perfection. It is not the first time that we are faced with a mixture of such different influences, but Mostly Autumn manage to do it with a unique quality and style. Not only they are suitable for a Progressive audience, their music is symphonic and direct and it is certainly appreciated by a much wider audience.


(1998) For All We Shared… [Cyclops]
(1999) The Spirit of Autumn Past [Cyclops]
(2001) The Last Bright Light (2001)
(2001) Music Inspired by The Lord of the Rings [Legends Records]
(2003) Passengers [Classic Rock Legends]
(2005) Storms Over Still Water [Autumn Records Ltd]
(2006) Heart Full of Sky [Mostly Autumn Records]
(2008) Glass Shadows [Mostly Autumn Records]
(2010) Go Well Diamond Heart [Mostly Autumn Records]
(2012) The Ghost Moon Orchestra [Mostly Autumn Records]
(2014) Dressed in Voices [Mostly Autumn Records]
(2017) Sight of Day [Mostly Autumn Records]
(2019) White Rainbow [Mostly Autumn Records]

Present Members

Bryan Josh / Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1995–Present)
Iain Jennings / Keyboards, Backing Vocals (1995–2006, 2007–present)
Angela Gordon / Flutes, Keyboards, Recorders, Whistles, Percussion, Backing Vocals (1999–2007, 2015–present)
Andy Smith / Bass (2000–Present)
Olivia Sparnenn / Vocals, Percussion (2004–present)
Chris Johnson / Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (2006–2007, 2014–Present)
Henry Rogers / Drums (2018–Present)

Past Members

Alex Cromarty / Drums (2014–2018; touring – 2013–2014)
Liam Davison / Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals (1995–2007, 2007–2014; died 2017)
Bob Faulds / Violins (1995–2000)
Kev Gibbons / Whistles (1995–1999)
Heidi Widdop / Vocals (1995–1996)
Alun Hughes / Bass, Keyboards (1995–1996)
Chris Walton / Drums (1995–1996)
Stuart Carver / Bass (1996–2000)
Allan Scott – Drums (1996–1999)
Heather Findlay – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Recorders, Whistles, Percussion (1996–2010)
Rob McNeil / Drums (1999–2000)
Jonathan Blackmore / Drums (2000–2004)
Andrew Jennings / Drums (2004–2007, 2007)
Anne-Marie Helder / Flutes, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Recorders, Whistles, Percussion, Backing Vocals (2007–2015)
Henry Bourne / Drums (2007–2008)
Robbie Baxter / Drums (2008–2009)
Gavin Griffiths / Drums (2009–2014; touring – 2007)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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