[Review] Odd Logic – Last Watch Of The Nightingale

The American band Odd Logic, was originally born as a trio on 2003 in Tacoma. Soon it becomes a single project by the founder and multi-instrumentalist Sean Thompson, who plays, involving only the vocal parts of the guests. ‘Last Watch Of The Nightingale‘ is the eighth studio album, and for the realization besides Thompson (Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals) participates Pete Hanson (Drums and Additional Vocals). The album consists of eight tracks, all medium-long duration except the last one, a suite of 23:00 minutes, all in the form of concept albums. The opener ‘Last Watch‘ is an instrumental piece with powerful electric guitar riffs, bass lines and drums creating dizzying rhythms and continuous time changes. It’s a crescendo with orchestrations and a unique power, a good start. ‘Garden of Thorns‘ enters immediately with an overwhelming rhythm, the instruments express the maximum energy, the drum is fast, powerful and very technical. The voice is soft and the song decelerates, starting the story of this story, a journey by sea, the theme of the album. Technical and elaborated, but at the same time the melodies created dampen the drum and the bass lines. “Absence“, after a drum roll starts the singing on a rhythm that is sometimes fast and in others calmer. Powerful guitars and drums, the keyboards always in support, the journey by sea continues. On ‘Chance of Gods‘ we arrive at the fifth day of travel, and the weather conditions get worse, a difficult and dramatic moment in history. The sound is dark and powerful, the voice best interprets the sensations felt by the protagonist of the story. A song with deep tones that recalls the sound of the first Dream Theater. ‘Dreaming In Color‘ is a very elaborated and technical track, with powerful guitar riffs. The singing is the counterpart of the time changes and an incisive and complex sound. In ‘… of the Nightingale‘ the rhythm changes constantly, even here the drum parts are stratospheric, like the keyboards that complete at best an aggressive sound with the guitars always ready to scratch. After a quieter change, from the middle the intricate sound and then close with dreamy keyboards. “Sorrow” is the shortest track on the album, a passionate instrumental detachment with sad tones. And here we are at the epic ‘Boundary Division,’ a 23:00 minute suite that starts right away with roaring guitars, drums pushed to the maximum and the bass that offers us killer bass lines. The riffs are always well completed by the keyboards and the music alternates symphonic and accelerated strokes with a remarkable power and technique. He continues in his story, always involving the listener, thanks to Thompson‘s excellent vocal interpretation. All the phases of the song create a captivating plot, given the duration, you can give vent to creativity and the result is really high level. An album that shows a high degree of maturity and completeness, from composition to performance everything is well-chosen and precise. Even the story told in the lyrics is captivating and the vocal test makes everything exciting. Hanson‘s choice of battery is perfect, resulting in an added and technically superb value. A confirmation for Odd Logic, who has accustomed us to excellent works, and in this concept expresses the best of himself. A superfine disc, to listen to and listen to again, always offering something new every time. This project probably deserves more consideration.


1. Last Watch (6:17)
2. Garden of Thorns (6:17)
3. Absence (5:30)
4. Chance of Gods (6:26)
5. Dreaming in Color (8:02)
6. …of the Nightingale (8:15)
7. Sorrow (4:09)
8. Boundary Division (23:00)


Sean Thompson / Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Production & Mixing
Pete Hanson / Drums, Guttural vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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