[Review] Knight Area – D-Day

Knight Area is a Neo Prog band from Hollaand, founded by Garben Klazinga in 2004. Their seventh album ‘D-Day‘ was released on September 20, 2019 and was released for Butler Records in Cd and Digital. The 10 tracks of the album deal with the theme of World War II starting from the landing in Normandy, always touching and delicate. The opener “New Horizon“, begins with a speech, in the development of the song the music is a mix between heavy and other dramatic and more symphonic moments. The vocal is dosed to perfection, after Churchill’s speech in the finale, the piece closes, an excellent track. ‘Overload‘ is characterized by a heavier sound than the previous one, a fast drum with double pedal, the keyboards and the guitar complete this sound with aggressive tones. After a choral and symphonic break, the track closes, the vocals are perfect. ‘Blood On The Risers‘ starts with an epic atmosphere, and then swerves straight in a Heavy Prog direction, with synths in full view. Here the vocal is enriched with choral parts. The drums are always powerful and the atmosphere dramatic, in the instrumental detachment a good solo of guitar, the song closes with a military choir. ‘The Landing‘ with slower tones, is a ballad that starts with piano, guitar and a warm and full of pathos voice. The theme is touching, a comforting speech given to a child. After the intro, the track rises in tone when returning to the Neo Prog field, the guitar solo on 3/4 is excellent, the singing and the rhythm are intense and engaging. ‘Omaha Beach‘ is a slower and symphonic song, warm and intense, without ever-increasing the rhythms, remarkable the work of the guitar that offers high-level cues. ‘Rememberance‘ is powerful, with heavy guitar riffs, a drum that offers accelerations and rhythm changes as in the first tracks. Even the singing is more biting, the support of the keyboards and the game between voices and voices is excellent. In ‘When I’ll Be With You‘ piano and the voice introduce us to this sentimental and emotional track, the vocal talents are expressed at most here. Really a touching track. ‘Wings Of Time‘ returns with powerful guitar riffs, the drums have an accelerated rhythm at times, a soldier’s prayer is recited halfway through. The instrumental pause offers an excellent starting point for the Synth and with the return of the singing it closes. ‘March To The Victory‘ opens with the audio of the surrender of the Germans and the victory against the Japanese. The instruments enter, the synth is epic and triumphal, solid guitar riffs like the vocal. The vocal has in addition the choirs, in the end there is an excellent starting point for synth and acoustic guitar, the singing returns and the song closes with a triumphal atmosphere, the war is over ‘Freedom For Everyone‘ is another track that honors the end of the war and the freedom finally achieved, a symphonic sound and a majestic atmosphere envelop the song. Even the singing enhances the victory of the allies, great is the work of the guitar especially in the end and keyboards to support. The theme of the album is delicate, one of the most rational pages of modern history, which, however, enhances the success of the operations that began on D-Day. That highlights the drama of the events, but also the pleasure of the return to freedom for all. Another excellent chapter in the Dutch band’s discography, which offers a sound halfway between Prog Rock and Prog Metal. The style is personal and the performers always offer excellent proof, highlighting the great artistic qualities of the individual elements. The compositions are well arranged, a right combination of symphonic and technique, between Prog and Heavy, performed in an extraordinary way. All precise and of high leveled, this band has nothing to envy to other more blazoned bands, carving out its space with merit in the Neo Prog panorama.


1. New Horizon (6:29)
2. Overlord (5:10)
3. Blood on the Risers (5:07)
4. The Landing (4:58)
5. Omaha Beach (6:01)
6. Remembrance (4:05)
7. When I’ll Be With You (3:44)
8. Wings of Time (4:35)
9. March to Victory (7:45)
10. Freedom for Everyone (6:50)


Jan Willem Ketelaers / Vocals
Mark Bogert / Guitar
Gerben Klazinga / Keyboards
Peter Vink / Bass
Pieter van Hoorn / Drums

Robby Valentine / Grand Piano

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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