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Il Giardino Onirico is a band from Civita Castellana, near Rome, formed in 2008 by artists from different musical backgrounds. After the publication of the first two albums “Perigeo” and “Complesso K“, in 2012 and 2013, the “Apofenia” album was released on October 2nd 2019 by Lizard Records. Composed of 7 tracks, it offers a solid and modern sound, something original in the Prog scene. The “Onironauta” opener is characterized by dark atmospheres and hypnotic bass lines. An excellent solo guitar breaks in mid-song and takes us to the end, between a carpet of keyboards, the percussion and a drum set to set the pace. “Scivolosa Simmetria” is a technical and more faster song, time changes are continuous and punctual. The voice offers a good performance, guitar and keyboards create high-level melodies and riffs, between symphonic moments and sudden, more technical evolutions. “Al├ętheia” after an intro made of piano and guitar and a symphonic moment with a splendid melody, everything changes and the intensity increases. The duo bass-drum sets the stage for a more technical moment, the keyboards and the electric guitar do the rest, when here comes the sax. The song accelerates is a good solo guitar, taking us to another melodic break before a final choral. “Mushin” begins with an almost electronic Trip-Hopish style with the voice of Jenny Sorrenti in great evidence, the song so changes its connotations as the minutes pass. The second part gives space to guitar and keyboards in a symphonic atmosphere, to then close with sounds like the introduction. In “Apogeo” the first part is massive and the darkest melodies, around the middle a change of direction leads us to a more accelerated sound. The riffs created by the keyboards are excellent, the bass line is solid, the technique expressed above all in the second part of the song with sudden changes and an excellent solo of the guitar is remarkable. “Un Nodo All’Anima“after a softer intro, when the track opens, we go through technical moments, between keyboards and acoustic guitar in the Spanish style. Original this choice, good voice and a song with different faces, all In closing, “Lacrime di stelle” starts with a sax and a melancholic plot, then moves on to darker sounds up to the middle of the song, when a very valid sax solo takes its place. A crescendo of guitar and keyboards, a welcome return for the Italian band, which after six years proposes a modern work, with original sounds and well-arranged pieces, and the many guests also enrich a work that is already valid, made up of very long but never repetitive pieces. A good test and a record that I would recommend for the freshness of the sound, nothing happens by chance, and this is the confirmation.


1. Onironauta (12:14)
2. Scivolosa Simmetria (7:57)
3. Al├ętheia (12:51)
4. Mushin (10:35)
5. Apogeo (10:39)
6. Un Nodo All’anima (9:39)
7. Lacrime Di Stelle (13:57)


Stefano Avigliana / Guitars
Dariush Hakim / Keyboards
Emanuele Telli / Keyboards
Ettore Mazzarini / Bass
Massimo Moscatelli / Drums, Percussion

Alessandro Corvaglia / Vocals (2,6)
Jenni Sorrenti / Vocals (4)
Jenna “Sharm” Holdway / Backing Vocals (7)
Fuori dal coro / Chorus Vocals (3)
David Morucci / Sax (3,5)
Claudio Braccio / Sax (7)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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