[Neo Era Prog #5] Seven Steps To The Green Door

Seven Steps To The Green Door formed in 2004 at the behest of saxophonist and keyboardist Mark Arnold (Toxic Smile, UPF, Cyril, Flaming Row) and drummer Ulf Reinhardt (Motherless Pride) and bassist Heiko Rem (Motherless Pride). Shortly after, singer Lars Kohler and guitarist Andrea’s Gemeinhardt joined the band. In 2005, after the addition of another singer, Ronnny Gruber, the band began their first studio recordings. The following year their debut album “The Puzzle” was released by F-act Records, which took part in and won the German Rock And Pop Award in the Progressive and Experimental categories. Given the excellent feedback, the band began work on the second album, which was released for the american Progrockrecords in 2008, with the title “Step In 2 My World“. This album confirms the great qualities of the group, which begins to collaborate with the author Thoraff Koss. This cooperation culminates with the release of a concept album “The Book“, critically focused on the search for oneself. Several guests from different groups (Flaming Row, Toxic Smile) take part in this work, published in 2011 and produced by Progressive Promotion Records. So much is the success that an app is even made in collaboration with the software company Glanzkinder. The band showcases all its talent, both in the studio and during live appearances. In 2015 they released their fourth album “Fetish“, published on Progressive Promotion Records. As in the previous one the guests are many and of high level, Arno Menses (Sub-Signal), Steve Unruh and Daniel Mash. The success is global and there is no lack of participation in festivals such as: Night Of Prog (Ger), Crescendo (Fra), Art Rock Festival (Ger) and Summer’s End (UK). The band is a guarantee, and every Live confirms it. On 30 April 2019, “The Lie“, the second part of the concept “The Book“, was published for Progressive Promotion Records, with the collaboration of the american poet George Andrade, who wrote the lyrics. Many guests are included: the multi-instrumentalist Peter Jones (Camel, The Tangent, Tiger Moths Tales), Jana Poche, guitarist Luke Machin (Machine, The Tangent, Francis Dunnery Band). While mixing and mastering are entrusted to former band guitarist Martin Schnella. Also noteworthy is the presence on the bass of Michael Schettler (Relocator, Timeshift Accident), Steve Unruh on the violin and Susan Kammler on the oboe to name a few. The band’s sound is characterized by an interesting mix of Neo Prog, Jazz, Heavy and Symphonic sounds. Given the presence of many guests and the variety of instruments played, the solutions available to them are very varied. More energetic traits that flow into Prog Metal, others more symphonic, technical passages and male and female voices that interchange, in addition to violin, keyboards and wind instruments, compose their well-structured style. The compositions are well elaborated with time changes, solos, riffs and melodies always very successful and the quality of the musicians makes the difference. Both live and in the studio, the level is very high, winning participation in the best stages in the world, and collaborations with artists Prog among the best of the moment. Bands like this make it clear that this genre is still alive and has a lot to say. Each release confirms more and more how mature, varied and thick their sound is. With their thousand shades they will be a welcome listening for all Progressive and not only palates.


(2006) The Puzzle [F.-act-Records]
(2008) Step in 2 My world [Progrockrecords]
(2011) The Book [Progressive Promotion Records]
(2015) Fetish [Progressive Promotion Records]
(2019) The Lie [Progressive Promotion Records]


Ulf Reinhardt / Drums
Heiko Rehm / Bass
Marek Arnold / Keyboard, Saxophone
Lars Köhler / Vocals (since 2004)
Martin Schnella / Guitar (since 2012)
Anne Trautmann / Vocals (since 2006)
Sören Flechsig / Vocals (since 2016)
Stephan Pankow – Guitar (since 2016)
Jana Pöche / Vocals (since 2016)
Luke Machin / Guitar (since 2017)

Former and Past Members:

Ronny Gruber / Vocals (2005-2010)
Andreas “Eddy” Gemeinhardt / Guitar (2004-2012)
Michael Schettler / Bass (2017-2018)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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