[Review] Rosalie Cunningham – Self-Titled

British multi-instrumentalist Rosalie Cunningham has published her long-awaited self-titled for Cherry Red Records. The album released on 26 July 2019 is available in Cd, Vinyl and Digipack. “Ride On My Bike” is also the first single from the album, an opener that introduces us into his psychedelic world, an energetic and engaging piece. “Fuck Love” with retro tones, reminiscent of compositions with Pursons, excellent vocal proof, sometimes very challenging. A great mix of 30’s atmospheres and Rosalie‘s musical ideas. In “House Of The Glass Red” we note the similarity with the classic works of The Beatles and even here the voice expresses all its qualities. Harrison style guitars do the rest, it’s not a copy, but only cues interpreted in a personal way. “Dethroning Of The Party Queen” is another psychedelic track, very well played and with excellent guitar stretches, always well-supported by keyboards. Bass and drums create an exceptional 60s-style rhythm. The voice is excellent as in the whole record. “Nobody Hears” is a passage with a committed text, which speaks of a story for the homeless. With a very high level bass line, it is also a good job for a short time. With “Riddles And Games” we enter the field of Acid Rock, fuzzed guitars and a powerful and energetic rhythmic base, even the voice is aggressive completed by keyboards always precise and well studied. “Butterflies” is a calm and harmonious short piece with an acoustic guitar and a beautiful vocal part, a quieter passage before the final suite. “A Yarn From The Wheel” is the synthesis of the sound of Rosalie, a track of over 13 minutes, which shows besides the compositional and executive qualities of the young English, also maturity as an expert musician. All the facets of his musical thought are expressed in this song halfway between Psychedelic and Progressive Rock with traces of the 60s here and there. Keyboards, guitars and vocals express their best, between solos and more symphonic parts, bass and drums are very solid. Not even a second is wasted, and the time changes are timely and well distributed. A confirmation for the young English woman (only 29 years old), who has been writing music since the age of 13. He has already played in two different formations, Purson and Ipso Facto, where he was a prominent member. This solo debut shows maturity and safety. The sound is characterized by a Psychedelic Prog mixed with a 60s style never dull and personal. The music of Rosalie Cunningham draws on the sounds of the past, without ever falling into the copy. This work is suitable for different types of public, being accessible and easy to hold, while maintaining a remarkable thickness up to the last track. Passed with flying colors, one of the best albums of its genre in 2019. The live shows are also worthy, not only played but interpreted in a psychedelic key of the late 60s by all the band members.


01. Ride On My Bike (4:54)
02. Fuck Love (5:00)
03. House of the Glass Red (4:02)
04. Dethroning of the Party Queen (4:24)
05. Nobody Hears (5:50)
06. Riddles and Games (4:04)
07. Butterflies (2:50)
08. A Yarn From A Wheel (13:44)


Rosalie Cunningham / Vocals, Guitar
Rosco Levee / Guitar
Lee Spreadbury / Keyboards
Alpha Michelle / Bass
Raphael Mura / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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