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Eiemel is the project created by Ariel Martin Loza, ex-bass player of the Argentine band Laquesis, in which he played for 25 years, until 2017. He decides to start a solo career, completing the arrangements of some tracks he had composed before and in August 2019 the self-titled album comes out on Eiemel Productions. A brief introduction “M.o.r“, a prologue that guides us towards “Cenit” a melodic instrumental piece with keyboards in evidence. In “Plan B” we find good bass lines, keyboards and guitar harmonies for the first song sung. “Ave De Paso” is characterized by sudden changes of tempo, Marillion style guitars and a solid rhythmic base. In “Aqueronte” the atmospheres are more space, with a noteworthy compositional quality, combining even the right dose of Neo Prog. “Ojala La Lluvia Te Acercara Hasta Mi” begins with a softer piano melody, which rises in intensity with the bass, drums and guitar imput, mainly acoustic. “Homeless” is a melancholic piece, both for the theme and for the darker atmospheres of the previous ones. “Chaotic Laws” is instead more direct and with a complex score, reminiscent of the Laquesis style. In “Mala Sangre” the bass creates a solid base, completed by incisive music and the presence of choirs and a narrating voice. “In Full Swing“, there is a no more apt title, a variation between power and winning and well-made melodies. “Parece Que Fue Ayer” is an alternation of Folk/Celtic and Blues, which with the continuation of the song accentuates its Progressive veins. “I’d Do All The Same” is a lighter track, a Ballad that mixes various styles, Blues in particular. “Temblor” is markedly Prog, with keyboards that reign supreme. “Arrullo” is a relaxed song, perfect for ending the album. This debut, which mixes different styles and influences, highlights Ariel Martin Loza‘s good compositional skills. Mainly instrumental, this work produced with the collaboration of many musicians, all very well prepared, has a personal style and best expresses the artist’s ideas. The variety of compositions makes listening to this smooth and never predictable disc. The presence of wind instruments, that also giving more melodic solutions, adds something more to a sound that is already very varied and elaborate. An artist we already knew from another point of view, his Eiemel project is to be followed in the future.


01. M.o.r (01:47)
02. Cenit (03:45)
03. Plan B (06:04)
04. Ave de Paso (08:44)
05. Aqueronte (04:11)
06. Ojala la lluvia te acercara hasta mi (05:19)
07. Homeless (05:19)
08. Chaotic Laws (06:33)
09. Mala Sangre (05:27)
10. In full swing (05:28)
11. Parece que fue ayer (03:32)
12. I’d do it all the same (04:35)
13. Temblor (08:52)
14. Arrullo (02:59)


Ariel Martin Loza / Lead & Backing Vocals (3,5,7,9), Basses (2-13), Keyboards (1-14), Guitars (1,2,4-6,8,10-14), Programming (11,12), Percussion (11), Orchestral Arrangements (14), Composer

Federico Silva / Guitars (3)
Daniel Mistretta / Guitars (7)
Rodrigo San Martin / guitars (9,13)
Yamil Mohadile / Trombone, Brass Arrengements (10)
Bruno Lazzarini / Trumpet (10)
Las Gaitas Asesinas San Virulais / Bagpipes (11)
Luisina Pérez / Flute (11)
Inés Garrocq / Flute (13,14)
Ariel Aguilar / Bandoneon (12)
Iván Louro / Drums (2)
Damian Luscher / Drums (3,7)
Álvaro Manzanero / Dums (4-6,8,10,12,13)
Martin Blengino / Drums (9)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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