[Review] Cellar Noise – Nautilus

After two and a half years, Cellar Noise, an Italian band born in Milan in 2013, returns with a new release. The album entitled “Nautilus” not only highlights its great qualities, already expressed in debut “Alight“, but shows also how the band has matured both in the compositions and in the performance. A journey through the search for the fears and constructions of the human mind, fruit of the collaboration of all the members of the formation. Compared to the previous one, the influences of the 70s are less marked, getting closer to modern sounds, with incursions into Heavy Prog, symphonic moments and melancholic atmospheres, all linked by a solid Neo Prog. Despite the Italian origin, the band sings in English, making the album easier to access to the international public. Composed of eight tracks, all long-lasting, from 5 to 12 minutes, they alternate aggressive moments with more melodic ones with a vowel that at times winks at pop / rock. “The Creator” immediately gives a shower of Heavy Prog with a fast drum, the vocal is more melodic and fits with the song. A big time change to 3/4, Synth and guitar perfectly close this opener. “Our Last Dance” from the soft beginning, we soon move on to a more progressive and massive sound, with melancholic tones, with less Heavy and more symphonic cues than the previous one. So we come to “Nautilus“, a song that gives the title to the album, even here it starts with a softer style and the song turns over the time, passing through dramatic and creating a solid and decisive sound. “Under My Command” is a more symphonic and calm track, which begins with piano and voice, the Synth guides us towards a more dreamy territory, on the final a great solo of guitar and the drum accelerates. With “Leeches“, a Guitar-driven track, we return to Heavy Prog, between aggressive riffs and vocal, with changes of time and Synth that emphasize the whole. “Her” is calm and reflective, with the voice of Laura Meado, guest in this song, which adds a pleasant finesse. Both the synth and the guitar solo that make the song expressive and symphonic at the same time. “Omega” is over 12 minutes of a solid and decisive Prog, which alternates calmer moments with accelerated and harder escursions. Synth and guitar riffs follow the tempo changes and the melodic voice increase in intensity with the flow of the song. In closing “Relics“, composed by drums, piano and acoustic guitar that create an atmosphere in fading, an excellent final for this beautiful album. The maturity expressed by the Cellar Noise in this work is remarkable, in a 2019 full of excellent record releases, “Nautilus” also cuts its space, without having anything to envy to productions of more established artists. Recommended listening to both the previous one and especially this one, where the band expresses a more proper, refined and high level sound.


The Creator (8:07)
Our Last Dance (5:58)
Nautilus (5:32)
Under My Command (8:30)
Leeches (4:54)
Her (4:50)
Omega (12:05)
Relics (2:41)


Francesco Lovari – Lead & Backing Vocals
Alessandro Palmisano – Lead & Rhythm Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Niccolò Gallani – Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Synthesizer
Loris Bersan – Bass, Classical Guitar
Eric Bersan – Drums, Percussion

Laura Meade / vocals (6)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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