[Review] Lord Divine – Facing Chaos

The Lord Divine, Argentina band with 15 years of experience, has produced “Facing Chaos” for the Spanish Fighter Records, released on February 6th 2019 this album is the third. An output a bit different from the one that stylistically offers the Iberian label, a Prog Metal driven by remarkable keyboards arrangements, which are not limited only to enriching the songs here and there, but which are an integral part of the sound. The guitar is also great, powerful and precise, both in terms of rhythm and solos. The vocal parts, also determined and powerful, colorful and precise is perfectly embedded in the music. The rhythms with intricate passages are in any case functional to the musical element. Two thick guests also collaborate on the album: Mark Boals (ex – Malmsteen), with a high-class vocal performance in “The Darkest Light” and Tarja Julian Barret, collaborates with a solo in “Divided“. The album, including guitar solos and keyboards that are always present, but never overdoing it, shows a very high level of composition, without ever falling into virtuosity as an end in itself. A special quotation should be made for the final piece “The Rage On Me“, where the band reaches its expressive apex, an orchestrated beginning leaves room for a solo piano and voice to end with a Prog Metal worthy of the best bands of kind. For all lovers of Progressive Metal it is a record that certainly will not go unnoticed, hoping that the landing on a label emblazoned as Fighter can make them deserved a qualitative leap in the international arena. Promoted with flying colors.


Overture (Dies Irae)
I Am
Into My World
Beginning Of The End
The Darkest Light (ft. Mark Boals)
Light Through Darkness
Divided (ft. Julian Barrett)
Be Afraid
Follow The Signs
The Rage On Me


Diego Valdez – Voice
Hugo Galli – Guitar
Manu López РGuitar
Diego Palma – Keyboards
Andres Berenguer – Bass
Dalmys Delbueno – Drums

Official Website: http://www.lord-divine.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LordDivineMetal/

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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