[Review] Whiteside’s Daughter – The Life You Save

The Life You Save is the title of the debut album by Whiteside’s Daughter, published June 7, 2019 for the Plowhandle Records label. This concept album tells the story of James the gay son of a Pentecostal preacher from Alabama. The guy is falling in love with John, an ex schoolmate, atheist, and guitarist of a metal band called Village Witch. The band’s sound is an energic guitar-driven Southern Gothic and Prog Rock in a clear American style. The album is well arranged with more intense songs and others more melodics, the instrumental parts are well performed and the singing is always up to the music. Overall a good debut, smooth and engaging, the record lets you listen with pleasure. The album is available on Gatefold CD, Gold Coloured LP and High-Quality Digital.


01. ACT I: Prelude 01:42
02. Don’t Take the Mark (free) 03:48 video
03. The Fire Sermon 01:04
04. The Tent Show (free) 04:02
05. Village Witch Demo #1 [car stereo] 00:55
06. The God Carnival 06:39
07. ACT II: Offertory 00:51
08. Abomination, Exorcism 02:46
09. Village Witch Demo #2 [home stereo] 00:23
10. Teenage Rock and Roll Apostasy 05:09
11. Don’t Take the Mark (reprise) 01:11
12. The Dark and Silent Night 00:59
13. Death by Hibachi 06:21
14. Postlude 00:44
15. Act I [full program] 18:16
16. Act II [full program] 18:28


Stephen Poff / Vocals
Brian Hughley / Drums
Steve Deaton / Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Special Guests:                                                                       
Austin Daugherty / Upright Church Piano (Tracks 1, 7, 14)    Ana Deaton / Youth Choir (Tracks 10, 12)                           
Ray Gressett / Teenage Metal Shred (Track 10)               
Clinton Kirby / Guitars (tracks 2, 6)                               
Steve Thomas / Synthesizer of Pentecost (track 10)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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